Inspiration for my writing

I found this article by Thesis Whisperer and it gave me a new hope.



Buying Baby Clothes in Montreal

There are too many words already flowing in the universe. That is why I so appreciate short sentences and short paragraphs.

Mała Wandzia is out growing most of her clothes. Ideally at this point I would be sewing and knitting her outfits so we do not have to buy anything. But I have no time to do this. I cannot devote my few precious moments at night to baby clothes making because I have other responsibilities, for example jobs.

Since I do not expect any more hand-me-downs I have to find a way to buy some stuff for her without ruining our budget. There are limited options since we do not have a car.

It looking for baby clothes in Montreal and being on a budget is like balancing between a budget and a desire to have a baby dressed in cutest and safest way.

Option 1

Expensive clothes from St. Catherine street.

+ very accessible

– way too expensive

Option 2

Secondhand stores from around Montreal

+ cheap

+ environmentally friendly

– no easy access

– dogging though things that are not that nice and that may have bedbugs..

Option 3

Clothing Swap

+ free

+ also environmentally friendly

– as far as I know a baby clothing swap in Montreal happens only once a year (oh. how I wish it was once a month!) Here is some info about Montreal clothing swaps

Option 4


+ very nice, eco-friendly and safe stuff

– way too expensive

(while I am happy to spend lost of money on gear like lamb skins and wraps, I do not feel like spending too much on things that will be used only for a short period of time)

Well that is all I can think about right now. There is also Craigslist but I have a strong feeling that people selling stuff there are either greedy or too lazy to make a garage sale (oh. how I love garage sales!)


Lets get it started!


I am too busy and tired to do anything. That is why I am starting to write this blog. This will be a place that connects all the scattered parts of my life. A place where I share things I make and things I love. Where I write about little things that move my heart and events that I do not want to forget. I could have done it on 750words but I want to save pictures and projects that cannot be saved there.


My name is Edyta. This is what I do most of the time:


I do other things too.